Management Services

Professional Service and Personal Attention

We tailor our management services to accommodate your individual needs and desires. You stay in control. We do not authorize any expenses without your prior approval and do not require you to maintain an operating account for repairs and maintenance. We pride ourselves in always being available for you, whenever you need us.

Free Rental Analysis

We will give you an honest, realistic analysis of anticipated rent and make recommendations regarding reasonable preparations to increase the rent value and minimize the marketing time. If you’re new to the market and thinking of investing call us before you buy, we will give you expert advise on the best properties to invest in and/or realistic analysis of properties you may already be considering at no cost or obligation. We can even help you find the ideal property for your portfolio.

Compare the real costs of management and save with 101 Property Mgmt Inc

  • Competitive Management Fees
  • No annual renewal fees
  • No leasing fees, which can be considerable
  • No sign placement or web site fees
  • No advertising fees
  • No legal service fees to Owners
  • No accounting fees
  • No statutory agent fees
  • ABSOLUTELY no “add on” or “hidden” fees

Inspections And Reports

Property exteriors are inspected every week. Any negligence or abuse is corrected and billed to tenant

Aggressive Marketing

  • Average time on market: 1-2 weeks
  • Occupancy rate is consistently 96-98 %

Tenant Performance and Retention

Largely due to thoroughly qualifying tenants and closely monitoring their performance our eviction rate is less than 1% and the average length stay for each tenant is 1 1/2 to 2 years.

For more information please contact our office.